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Who are we?

Hacienda Santa Lucía was established in 1630 in the historic town which today bears the same name. Santa Lucía’s oldest origins date back to the year 1545, when it was known as Nochistanejo.

It was one of the largest haciendas of Jalisco, covering 24,000 hectares and producing a variety of crops, such as corn, wheat, buckwheat, and agave, as well as minerals such as opal, cautín, and coal, among others. At one point it also housed a mescal factory in a lavish building called “La Taberna” (The Tavern) which can still be seen on the estate.

La Capilla (the chapel) was built in the XVII century, and it is a beautiful facility which holds antique Spanish altarpieces and images of saints which were brought from Italy, such as the image of Santa Lucía which is venerated in La Capilla and gives the hacienda its name. Even today the hacienda covers a large area of land.

Awarded with two quality awards

We place all the majestic beauty of Hacienda Santa Lucía at the disposal of people like you, who seek refinement and elegance for their special event. It is with this in mind that we organize everything, from your elegant ceremony in our beautiful chapel, to your sophisticated social event in our charming gardens, offering you one of the best high-end kitchens, which specializes in fine Mexican dishes and signature cuisine; all of this in a historic environment which bears the classic style of traditional Mexico.
In addition to all of these services we offer a spacious parking lot for more than 250 cars.

Our hacienda is only 25 minutes from Guadalajara in the town of Santa Lucía, Zapopan, Jalisco, next to Tesistán. There are three routes to get here: via the highway to Tesistán, the Venta del Astillero, or Tecnologico de Monterrey. All three roads are paved and safe.

We have been recipients of 2 outstanding quality awards.